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I have class so this is a quick type up, if you need me to make it clearer just say so.

For 023: Recover HP to the exact max capacity -

For it I had a max convert skill, max auto-healing, and max healing.

What you do is get into a battle and make sure Edge isn't being targeted.
Then you need to see how much Edge's healing spell heals, then the target HP you want Edge at is his Max HP - his healing spell.

What you have to do is make sure Edge starts at full HP, then you drain his HP as far as it can go with convert. Then you heal him, and use a calculator or something to see if the amount he gets healed by his auto-healing (3% at max) is equal to his target HP, if it does equip auto-heal and get up to the target HP and cast healing.
If not just use convert to drain his HP and cast healing again and check with the calculator again until it get to the value you want.

This is easier to do when Edge is around Lv. 79 as you can get his HP to exactly 30000 which makes it a whole lot easier to predict and all percentage values for spells and such are not rounded.

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