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020: Hide 20 times
044: Hide 50 times
074: Hide 100 times

Is simple I just kept using the hide skill while all party members were on manual.

014: Win with 0 MP remaining
086: Win with 1 MP remaining

I did both of these the same way using hide to get to 1MP and finishing the battle. 0MP I used my mana till I had enough for 1spell and then finished the battle.

004: Become incapacitated 10 times
025: Become incapacitated 30 times
046: Become incapacitated 50 times
065: Become incapacitated 70 times
084: Become incapacitated 100 times

I'm currently using the Self Destructer 3000's and throwing a sage to revive her over and over again so far got to 10. It might be easier when you get a character who can revive so you don't have to go through so many sages.
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