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Originally Posted by _DoTTeR_ View Post
Where can I find the following items

Crisis Prayer (Happy Flower)
Auto HP Recovery (White Charm)
Auto MP Recovery (Crystal Fragment)
MP Max 3 (Sorcerer Bracelet)
Defense Boost 2 (Lord Earring)
Lv 7 Spirit Magic (Enchanted Necklace or From MACK)
Lv 7 Black-White Magic (Sage Earrings)
Absorb Air (Anereid Feather)
Absorb Elements (Quand Elements Seal)
Crisis Concentration (Sage Protection)
You will find descriptive locations relating to these Skills and Abilities in this guide:

Example: Crisis Prayer (Happy Flower)

Originally Posted by sakurayule
Ability : Crisis Prayer
SP : 008
Mortal : n/a
Accessory : Happy Flower
Find / Buy : Ghotza, Low Town, Bring Gybal the Broken Sword from Uhra.
Description: A mysterious item that releases a healing fragrance in times of
Effect : Automatically recovers HP during Critical HP status.

Also, that may seem a little vague... (Who's Gybal?) So, I also use

to clarify these things:

Originally Posted by INVAL1D
Answer: Crisis Prayer - Automatically recovers HP during Critical HP status.
-Happy Flower [8 SP]
-Once Gohtz freezes over talk to the Khent soldier in low town. Go
to Uhra's weapon shop and examine the sword. Bring it back to the
Khent soldier.

Hope that helps.
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