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BIG TIP & Few Bits I've Found

Hi all,

Just played through my first season with Man Utd and just wanted to give anyone struggling with this game the biggest tip ever:
Press Start > New User > Select your league > Select your next opponent. Go into their tactics and play all their players down the wings, and make sure to pop their best striker in goal. You should proceed to win 20+ to 0. You then just retire that manager and start again.

The downside to this is that it TAKES AGES, so it's probably best to have a good team that is capable of winning and just use this in the important games (European games, cup finals etc.)

The other thing is the "Score the most goals in the league" achievement and the "Concede the least goals". I did both in one season and only the concede least goals popped up???? Anyone else experienced this? Is it glitched or will my achievement pop next season?
Slowly I grow to hate achievement hunting
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