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table 1


I shaved a good 10 seconds off from my table 1 score. My time is now 0:28.64.
Here is how I did it:
- FIRST SHOT; power to 40 and press A. This will pot 2 balls top left and bottom right. The queue-ball will end up between the two top balls.
(I know that not changing the power will pot the same two balls. But now the position of the queue-ball is better.
- SECOND SHOT; move the ruler from left to right towards the yellow ball. When the second arrow disappears press A. If done correctly this will pot 2 balls bottom left and bottom middle. The queue ball should remain on the bottom half of the table.
- THIRD SHOT; move the ruler from right to left toward the top middle ball. Similar to shot 2 this should pot 2 balls top middle and top right.

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