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Originally Posted by darthmushu View Post
Helped me a lot but can't get past stupid tonfun. I wish he had a trick to him.
Well, there kind of is, but it's pretty hard to describe so I didn't put it in the guide. I might actually do a video of this and upload it on YT, seeing how I've gotten a couple of requests on how to deal with the two final bosses in this.

Tonfun is a dashing character, by which I mean he will always follow your movement by dashing either in or out. For example: if you go all the way back to one side of the screen and jump forward, he will dash along with you and go all the way to the other side of the screen to land some hits on you when you touch the ground. To avoid him doing that, you'll want to find a correct distance to start your forward jump, so that he actually reaches the end of the screen, "bounces" off of it and dashes for a set distance, making him completely vulnerable to your attacks for a few frames. If you can get a pattern going and jump out AS FAST AS YOU CAN after landing a hit on him, it's actually possible to perfect him (I did it once, sadly never repeated it as sometimes this game just boils down to down right luck). Just toy around with it a bit, you'll get him in the end.

There's a video on YouTube of some dude getting the Invincibility achievement that shows off all of these strategies really well and he basically PWNED Blues, but totally lucked out on Tonfun. You could see he was just mashing buttons at the end and somehow pulled a 4- or 5-hit combo out of his ass that butchered Tonfun completely out of the blue.

It's basically like this: you win when the game wants you to, otherwise: you lose
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