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Originally Posted by muzykalscorpio View Post
I don't know if anybody posted this, or at the same time, this may be completely useless information, but if you wanna save a couple thousand - ?possibly? - I actually found the Dragunov SVD (RIF) in Chapter 2-2 while going for the BSAA emblems. I don't know if you have to have already unlocked it in Item Management or anything, but I randomly opened a locker and it was inside.

(After the mines, in the building, after that cut-scene, before going downstairs; there are two lockers near a desk. IIRC.)

... so, yeah, not like it's expensive to buy, but if you want to save... I don't know, a minute or something... it can be found.
Thats where I found it too, it was on my first playthrough so you don't have to have it unlocked or anything. I was wondering why that wasn't in the guide
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