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Road Map

Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
Offline: 27 (740)
Online: 12 (260)
Approximate time to 1000: 10 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Number of missable achievements: None!
Number of glitched achievements: The team player achievement might unlock early
Do cheat codes disable achievements?: There are none.
Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes! Most single player achievements require them to be played on certain difficulties

Single Player
To start the game put the difficulty on normal. This is because a lot of the single player achievements require the difficulty to be on normal or higher. Play all the way through the game until you get to the last level. Now this might be the only game that allows you to play the last level of the game and still be able to acquire the difficulty achievements. So you don't have to go play through the whole game. The difficulty achievements are stackable. If you play through the last level on the hardest difficulty, you'll get all the difficulty achievements. One thing you'll love about this game is there are no collectibles to worry about.

If you plan one getting the full 1000 in this game, you'll have to have some pretty dedicated boosters. The 2,500 kills achievement is pretty time consuming. You can get around 50 kills in a ten minute match which is 300 kills an hour. So according to my calculations if you go non-stop with at least four players, you'll get this achievement in around 8 hours. The other multiplayer achievements can come fast with boosting.

In conclusion, this is a fairly tough 1000. Has real easy single player achievements and some easy multiplayer achievements if you have boosting. To get 1000 it will take a lot of time, grinding, and dedication. Not to mention that the game is not very good. Has odd controls and sensitivity.

Completed Retail: 34
Completed Arcade: 20

Total: 54

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