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The Pit not on XBL!

So like most all of you I am way excited to play The Pit, but having a little problem with that. The good news is I am not having the glitching problems that ever one is talking about or the freezing issues. The bad news is ITS NOT ON XBOX LIVE, at all, I can't find any thing for The Pit except for the trailer, I have looked under New Arrivals, Most Popular, Game Add-Ons, and looked under all downloads for Fallout, and The Pit seams to have not been released.

Now I can understand that with the amount of problems people are having with it, that MS might have taken back off the Market Place, but I have seen nothing about it.

So if any one has any ideas what the problem might be that would be very helpful, I have to admit that I am pissed that it's a big glitch that you get to pay for, but I am madder that I don't even get the chance the complain about buying a unfinished product.
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