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Road Map to 1000

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
-Offline: 17(1000)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 15 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Glitched achievements: No.
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: N/A

Samurai Warriors 2 Empires is a hack and slash game with a strategy flavor that retells Japanese history. The strategy part of the game is just a couple of menu screens before each battle, so 90% of the game plays like all of the other Warriors games. You begin with your territory on a map and then select to invade all other territories, one at a time, defeating base captains to take over bases until you reach the main enemy base. You will be playing about 60 levels in total.

Some attention is needed for the full 1000, hence the usefulness of this road map. However, you may play on Novice difficulty for the achievements which makes this game a very easy 1K.

Step #1:
Begin Empire mode and select the "Battle of Kawanakajima" scenario. Choose Shingen Takeda. Select Proceed a couple of times. After a turn the battle of Kawanakajima will trigger for the first achievement - just save after the battle.

Now you need to conquer all the fiefs in the land (25) to win this scenario which will unlock three achievements along the way. During the strategy phases, feel free to Consult with your officers, Delegate, or Decree. Work on getting your Sword Smith (or any one you prefer) up to level 4 (Decree-:Armaments) because at that point you may select an officer who is NOT Lord Shingen Takeda and who uses the sword type (Info->Officers->Details will show you the weapon type). Get 500 kills on a level and you earn an achievement for a Level 4 weapon. A good way to rack up kills is to go to the enemy's main base without first clearing all the other bases and enemies will respawn. D-Pad Down will keep your officers on defense.

As you choose strategies, avoid taxing the people because you want to get them to like you. Select Inspection when you can. Right before battle, after selecting Invade, pay attention to Equipment, Formations, and Tactics. Use the highest level weapon you can, and ride a mount to go faster.

You can hold up to 4 horses but you want to have room for the ones you need for the achievements, so in Strategy phase, select Decree-:Negotiation-:Shop and you can sell the Mounts you do not want. If Shop is not available, keep taking over Fiefs and it will eventually unlock.

When you have the ability to do Chinese Trade, select it every time until you are given the horse.

When you have taken over a fief on the west coast you will be able to do western trade. Select it every time until you get the horse. Achievement progress: 7/17

Step #2:
When you have only one fief left to take, make a save. Now constantly use Inspection until you have unlocked Exemption and use Exemption until you have unlocked Benefaction. Use Benefaction until you get the horse Matsukaze.

Now reload the save, conquer the final fief, and your lord will be in a cutscene with the four most valuable officers. Write their names down when they appear on screen. Reload the save. On the Station screen, dismiss every single general except those four, and make them generals. Now take turns delegating to the four officers as well as consulting them. After 15 minutes of this the 4 Guardians cutscene should run. Achievement progress: 10/17

Step #3:
After finishing Kawanakajima, start a new game and select "Unification of Kanto". You have 5 fiefs to take over this time. Winning this scenario unlocks the Battle of Anegawa. Achievement progress: 11/17

Step #4:
Start the Battle of Anegawa as Nobunaga Oda and wait a turn. You do not need to play the whole scenario. Achievement progress: 12/17

Step #5:
Start the "Incident at Honnoji" scenario as Nobunaga Oda. Wait a turn for the battle. You need to play this scenario which is another 25 fiefs. The Persian Mare should make it go by quick.

Towards the end of this campaign I used a Level 10 Ryanmaru (very long sword) with a level 3 weapon to get 1000 kills in about 27 minutes. Use the Time Increasing tactic if you can. Getting a thousand kills with a non-lord officer unlocks the Most Valuable Warrior achievement. Achievement progress: 15/17

Step #6:
Winning "Incident at Honnoji" unlocks the "Battle of Sekigahara". Choose anyone for that scenario, wait a turn, and get the achievement. Now restart "Battle of Sekigahara". Remove Yukimura Sanada from the Sanada clan and place him in the Toyotomi Clan. Now play as Toyotomi, keeping just the two fiefs, defending when necessary. Make alliances with Tokugawa until 1614, making sure he survives. In the year 1614, make sure Toyotomi has only two fiefs, every officer is at or above 2000 troops, and Tokugawa officers have 5000+ troops. In 1615 the battle should trigger. It took me several reloads of a 1612 save for the battle to trigger, as there is no way of knowing if all Tokugawa officers have above 5000 troops. I was invaded by Tokugawa in the Fall of 1615, captured the officer, and the cutscene fortunately triggered afterwards. Achievement progress: 17/17

Having looked over much of the data out there on this game, these methods seemed the easiest to employ.

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