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Originally Posted by HE4VENSENT View Post
hey again, GGN you might wanna add this to the main post, but if you do the Close Combat Mode and Headshot mode glitches, and then try and do the other achievements like kill arana as wesley without the mask or kill the immortal as cross, they may not unlock. this is because you need to re-glitch it back to normal. so start a new game on normal mode, then quit out, then you can attempt those achievements again.

Hmmm, this makes me think. After I completed act 3 on assassin I unlocked Close Combat & Cinematic Mode with the codes just for the hell of it, but those were the only codes I used. I didnt use any cheats at all, just the costume ones. And after I started chapter 4 I wasn't able to set any level above pussy(not even while replaying through the unlocked acts). Shit, this was probably why .

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