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Originally Posted by Venomized View Post
It is not that important of a question, but . . . for the Survival achievements, how long do you think they would take and how hard does it actually get around 75. Is it similar to Z difficulty or very hard?

Good guide. It helped me out. Unfortunately though I couldnt get Unleashed Ki and Destructive win achievements when I went for them. But after a while when I stopped I fortunately got them by just playing in Z chronicles.
The survival achievements will take you a while. I actually haven't gotten them myself (reach 85 I believe), and I would say it takes about 40 minutes to get to 50 (might be 70, it's been a while.). After 80 I find it gets extremely tough, and I have actually beat all of Z mode except the Broly and Bardock what-if lines. Obviously it's going to be a tough achievement to get, because when you spend that amount of time progressing and you find that the CPU plays what seems like cheaply and you lose at a high number, you don't really want to do it again (which is why I still haven't gotten it).

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