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How I did the "Protecting The Relic"

Ok, first off I was really really dreading this part. I get frustrated and upset EASY and quickly. Especially with games lol. After reading all the horrid posts about this section I was prepared to pretty much snap so I turned some tunes on high and just played. And I found this part rather easy, compared to some other spots. Probably pure luck, but ima just throw out what I did and hopefully help some others out. I have it set on Legendary difficulty and the weapon im using is the long legendary staff. It only took me 2 tries to get this.

1. Immediately command thanes to close the passage to the right.
while they're doing this go to the wooden platform.

2.Help command them closigin this off then stop and fight off the men that're coming for the relic

3. stay right at the relic and just swing that staff with everything you got aiming for the one closest to relic with the long reach of the staff itll it more than what you need.

4. after the passage is closed, send thanes to first boulder, just have them go at it at their normal pace. Let it roll when it does. and just stay at the platform.

5.anytime anyone starts beraking through order ur men to protect you an swing away wit the staff.

rinse and repeat but dont release the second boulder until the trolls start coming. and let your men fight with any trolls that are left and with hope they wont let the troll through. when you think everything is done, go an finish off any stragglers.

hope this helps and hopefully this makes sense. if not let me know and ill help anyone out. im kinda stoked so i rushed through it.
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