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High Quality Hats off to 819 video guide

This is a High res Video guide made by me (Recon Squadron, aka Shadows Demise). My purpose for making this was because of the lack of a decent quality video guide for this achievement. For maps of MOST of the terminals use this link if you still find yourself troubled ->
Also, If you are having trouble just completing the game use this link->

And just an FYI for those trying to get vidmaster, here is the best method: Start up a Co-op game with a buddy, start from big house' make sure it is on total carnage difficulty (doesn't matter if you die in co-op you have unlimited respawn) make sure you kill all the bobs (not tricky most are obvious except for one hidden bob shown below)

Now last but not least make sure you punch/shoot all SWITCHES (it's okay to press A on doors,health and oxygen regens) When you activate the last terminal 'BeeBoop'... Achievement Unlocked Vidmaster.
Well thats it for the difficult achievements,

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