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alot of trial and error for me with stealth master, I can't remember the first floor all that well, but I remember the second vividly, when I dropped down from the crane, I waited until the drone directly ahead started to move away on the right side, then I stealthed to the single box near the right wall, wait there until the next patrolling guard starts to walk away from you, then follow him to where he starts to circle, the go straight into the large box alcove, climb the far box on it's left side where there is a slight shadow, wait for the drone on the center ledge to walk away, then drop down to the crates opposite, wait for the drone on top to walk away from you again, you might have to turn up the volume on the surround to help you figure out when he starts to walk away, as soon as he starts to go, climb the box next to you, jump the railing and follow the right wall to the box under the vent and crawl in, the achievement will unlock a few steps in to the vent. hope this helps
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