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Unless it's mandatory, I don't do that kind of thing.

Although, that's probably because I also frequent a place where we look down on random introduction topics and the like. Although, that's a single Intro Topic for a single user compared to a giant "introduce yourself here" space like a lot of places. That's just my thought.

Also, I don't think it should take (or need) a lot of feedback since it:

1) Mentions that the "Unlock All Boards" Cheat actually will screw up getting the "Board Collector" Achievement
2) Includes the Surf Idol Listings for each Area of the 5 Locales

EDIT: I've finally finished my testing.

First of all, the boards you unlock are tied to the different areas of each Locale with the exception of the Nirvana. This is the most troublesome board to unlock in the whole game, but it still takes less than an hour if you've done the Gates before.

As I said, each individual board is tied to a certain Locale's Area; so what's the Nirvana tied to exactly? The Shells you get for the gates AND the boards at the same time.

I've gone through a total of 5 files to test this, and my results are as follows.

a) If you get all the Shells with the Unlock All Boards Cheat activated (In one sitting or not, it doesn't matter), you WILL NOT be able to unlock the Nirvana.

b) If you get a single Gate Shell with the Unlock All Boards Cheat activated, but go back and get the boards that you got the shells for BEFORE unlocking all the other boards, it seems that you WILL NOT unlock the Nirvana.

c) It seems that getting a single Non-Gate Shell or even just the Shiverpool 1 Trophy while using the All Boards Unlocked Cheat will cause the Nirvana to not unlock.

What this means is that in order to unlock the Nirvana, YOU CAN NOT USE THE UNLOCK ALL BOARDS CHEAT. If you use it and get one of the Gate Shells, but then go back and get the board for that shell by clearing the gates again, you won't get it. If you use it and get a Non-Gate Shell, you won't be able to get it either.

You have to unlock all the boards normally, then when you get the last one, the Nirvana will unlock right alongside it. Giving you the Board Collector Achievement.

You CAN use the Character Unlock codes (probably just Z), but just not the Unlock All Boards code, or else you lock yourself out of getting Board Collector. This comes from playing through getting all the Gate Shells 5 times.

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