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Originally Posted by cra View Post
you could play on easy and be good in the game, knowing what to do in all parts of level and killing the bosses fast with the moonlight sword.
Guess I suck then even though I play on easy and use the X X (hold) move on every boss

Edit: Finally got the hang of it. Using the 4th Ninjutsu was crucial. Got the Ninja Valedictorian despite only having an A in QTE sucess rate and a B+ in Finish Attacks

Final score: 50357 A+

Total Mission Time: 3:20'31''03 A+
QTE Sucess Rate: 23460 A
Total Retries: 0 A+
Best Hit Combo: 777 A+
Best Kill Combo: 311 A+
Total Finish Attacks: 116 B+
Total Damage Amount: 7030 A+

Now only things I have left is to collect the emblems and run through the missions using one sword

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