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for stealth i went to the right both times, also note that you can stealth kill the drones from behind and still get the achievement, so whenever i was able i would kill a drone so i wouldnt have to worry about him seeing me when my back was towards him. the first level i just went to the right killing the drones on that side, one you have advanced as far as you can on the right there will be small box on your left and a guard in the middle of the platform and another that passes him and one on the far opposite side, if you time it right by waiting for each drone to have no line of sight to you, you can jump (a) over the box that was on your left, at this point you should be hiding behind it, jump the box move to right into the shadows then get the your timing down again and go through the door, the second level i again went to the right, waited for the first drone you see to move down the left side of the boxes he follows, i then moved right hid behind the single box and waited for him so i could kil him, then just time the next drone and continue moving right, i didnt bother with this guard, just turned my tv up so i could hear him then climbed the boxs to get up to the higher platform, hid in the shadows next to the wall and leaned to the left to watch the drone nearest me, wait for him to turn his back and make his way back down the platform and simply move along the wall and jump on the box, beep, achievement unlocked, hope this helps
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