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Originally Posted by Marriott View Post
Guess I suck then even though I play on easy and use the X X (hold) move on every boss

Edit: Finally got the hang of it. Using the 4th Ninjutsu was crucial. Got the Ninja Valedictorian despite only having an A in QTE sucess rate and a B+ in Finish Attacks

Final score: 50357 A+

Total Mission Time: 3:20'31''03 A+
QTE Sucess Rate: 23460 A
Total Retries: 0 A+
Best Hit Combo: 777 A+
Best Kill Combo: 311 A+
Total Finish Attacks: 116 B+
Total Damage Amount: 7030 A+

Now only things I have left is to collect the emblems and run through the missions using one sword

I beat the game on Hard with an overall A+ but the Ninja Blade Outfit didn't unlocked.....What I must do? Any ideas?
Anyone know how to unlock the Emblem "Sword"??
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