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Also, for the Stealth Master achievement, is it okay to take out some Drones? Or no?

Edit: Yes.

This is how I did Stealth Master:

Do not take the ladder (unless you want a bounty card, go up the ladder, take a right, look for it, jump down and take it. Suicide, start again), take the door on the left, and remain in the shadows. Wait for the perfect time when you think none of the drones will see you, go further into the left, and follow the drone patrolling around some crates and stuff. Once he's in a small area with a corner in the crates and stuff, stealthfuly take him out, drop him, and go back into stealth.
see if this attracts any other Drones, and stealthfully take them out as well.

You will need to take out Four drones in that area. once they're all down, in that area face the crane, and go next to the huge stack of crates and stuff, slightly to the right go into the shadows. around the corner, I *think* there's one single crate. hide there best you can. There's a drone with possibly the smallest patrol in the area. he moves back and forth. When he's facing the crane, creep behind and past him, and continue to the door. try to stay in the shadows, just in case.

Go through the door, and Revas will make an announcement on the Tv. I waited for her to finish, I don't know if it effects anything. But after that, I waited for the Drone with the small patrol to be facing the other way, and drew the bridge out. And just to be safe, I waited for him to face the crane, then face the other way again and went.

So, activate the crane, and climb down the ladder. make your way into the next area.
Now, head forward. Do NOT take the left path. It will just make your life a whole lot more difficult. Go straight instead. Wait for the drone to head the other way, and take the path he came from. Hide in the shadows, and wait for him to come around and pass again. Now watch for the second Drone, he will show up the same time as the first drone. follow him into the shadows, and wait for him to take a left, and just go straight. Climb up the huge crate, on to the other side, (make sure no drones see you) and jump down on the other side. Pick up the bounty card if so desired, and hug the right wall. get into the shadows. wait for the drone up top to start heading in the direction of the crane, and go up to his level, get over the rail and go to the other side. There's a crate. climb on top of the crate, and proceed into the vent. bleep bloop

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