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Blueskins and Snitch list

I apologize if this has been posted already but I didn't see it.

I originally beat this game years ago on Xbox and did all sidequests... That being said I know how to do the snitch list and blueskin but the damn thing won't activate.

I will illustrate and hopefully someone can offer some advice.

I went into the upper mines... I met the first blueskin... killed him then got Jagger's package, gave it to Jagger and went back to the upper mines... no blueskins appeared.

I played a second playthrough... delivered the first 1/2 of the snitch list. Met the first blueskin in the uppermines... left him alive and got Jaggers package, returned to the upper mines... the other two did not appear.

A third playthrough delivered the first half of the snitch list, killed the blueskin in the upper mines, got Jaggers package, got the bomb, returned to the upper mines... no blueskins!

Am I doing something wrong or is this just an impossible quest. It is insanely frustrating that the two blueskins will not appear. It is all I need to do to get the blueskin, snitch list, (bell boy), all cigarette packs and I am 100% done Butcher Bay.
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