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With plasma shield, it becomes more possible.

If you don't have that, yet, no problem, you can also rely on Reload and Ninja Vision, plus the LV5 Stonerender (Moonlight). Basic rule -- Got hit? Reload.

Before Kanbe uses his shield, you can pretty much rush to him, press and hold X to perform the most powerful attack with your Stonerender. You better do all this while your Ninja Vision is on.

The last phase of Kanbe can also be dealt with by this way. Switch to your Ninja Blade, rush to him, attack once (his shield is now breached), switch to Stonerender, open Ninja Vision, press and hold X then release. Do this twice or thrice and he is toasted. Use Wind Shuriken and Ninja Blade (LT + X) to deal with the bats and shadows in between.

Note: You don't need to charge your attack when performing the Stonerender X movement. Release X as soon as you see Ken has his stance ready (to pull off a shockwave). Also make sure your BLADE hit Kanbe, not only the shockwave, to ensure maximum damage. If you have adrenaline boost, you can finish the mission faster and safer.
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