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Originally Posted by CyanideBreathMint View Post
Was honestly thinking the same thing myself. My entire upper back took about 4.5 hours but it's not coloured. I'm guessing it was the shading (it looks faded from the pic now but I can see different shades of green)? Even then, 10 hours seems awfully long. I'd have guessed from the size and shading, maybe 4 hours tops? Not bad though.
I know I'm a few pages behind on this, but anyhow... The colors/shading doesn't make a difference. That's still really slow. I have a sleeve (all black) from my wrist to my elbow and there's some really detailed parts in it, and there's different levels of shading with different densities and that entire piece took 4.5 hrs.

Regarding tattoos of games. I have quite a few tattoos and I don't think I could ever have a game-related tattoo. They don't hold up with the times and there's something about them that's just so un-appealing.
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