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Gamertag: Cheezewhizz
Under Parameter, you have the following:

HP Max 1 (Life Brooch)
HP Max 2 (Toughness Brooch)
HP Max 3 (Gigantes Brooch)
HP Max 4 (Royal Knight Emblem)
MP Max 1 (Mana Earring)
MP Max 2 (Mind Bangle)
MP Max 3 (Sorcerer Bracelet)
MP Max 4 (Kelonga Crown)

And all the ones following that one, in game it reads as:

HP Max Up 1, HP Max Up 2, etc.

Same thing with the MP ones, they read as:

MP Max Up 1, MP Max Up 2, etc.

Another little catch as I try to get all my skills! Seeing all this awesome stuff and skills I don’t even have yet makes me cry!
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