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wow, i got post on here still? man, that was months ago!!! its funny how i didnt get the :10hours: yet haha, i found out it has to be 10 hours of game play(which sucks online) becuz u play against lets say a tetris MASTA and they own u and another tetris NINJA jumps in and then u get owned in 2 mins, and they play for 10........ im good at math, but if your not ill do the math for you 10-2=8 lets say u play for 1 hour

8x6=48mins so u get 22 mins outta 1 hour

10hours would give u 3 hours and 36mins about..... so lets just get it the fast (i know its Slow) and easy way, please lets go for the 10 hour play boosting, we basically let the pieces drop w/o pressing down and move them so they fit so it doesnt game over plzplzplz send FR with msg tetris

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