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I spent some time studying the best levels for profic raising and the best way to go through them, and Il show you now which one it is and how best to do it.

OK, best level is Wu 4. you get the most bosses in the smallest area meaning travelling time is cut way down.

Quick Battle Guide.

To get the most from this, you start the map (I play it on normal) head forwards to kill Massicot, then turn back and head north. Kill every boss in your way and enter Kiomori's camp. Beat Lu Bu, Diao Chan and the 2 Demon bosses, but don't fight Kiomori yet. Take Lu Bu's charger horse unless you have Sun Wukong in your team (see below), leave the camp and head east to fight the last remaining bosses, once that is done head back to Kiomori and finish him off. (see stats below for results of completing battle in this run, this is the 'quick' run (in red)

OK, couple of questions answered. It's better after killing Massicot to head for Lu Bu because you can get his uber quick horse to speed up the remainder of the battle. Also it is better to fight Lu Bu first then leave the camp and head east before heading back because as soon as you kill every boss on the east half of the map, Lu Bu begins to move out of the camp and head south meaning you would have to track back and catch up with him on the slower horse. Much easier just to head to him first. NOTE on Sun Wukong. Sun Wukong is the fastest character in the game, he is faster than any horse, including Lu Bu's charger, and is also faster on foot than he is mounted. If you want to shave an extra 30 seconds off each run through on this map, pick Sun Wukong as one of your 3 and select him whenever you are moving through the map, even if it is just a short distance between bosses. When I found this out I focussed on getting him his level 4 weapon and getting him to max level and proficiency so I could also use him to make almighty's. Also, don't continue heading north on the east half of the map (toward dragon shrine) after killing Massicot because it wastes time, a good 2 or 3 minutes at least which eventually works out at a good 25ish hours of extra game time once you have all 55 characters with max profic that you need to unlock the Dream mode.

Note: there are about 6 hidden bosses in this game which only appear after meeting certain conditions. Don;t bother with them, it adds a good extra 4 minutes per battle of faffing about and at best they're worth an extra 2 profic and 2 XP levels, in other words, not worth it at all. that extra 4 minutes per battle becomes about 35 hoursish worth of extra game time for the full 55 profic level characters. Also to note, don't enter draogn shrine, not worth the extra couple of minutes to clear out the peons in there and if you kill the guard captain, you flood the map and could wash away a lot of bosses which make the run a bust.

OK, I've done a number of runs and Im going to present you with 3 sets of stats for 3 differnet runs.

First (in green) for a 'full' run (a run where I kill every peon and every boss including the hidden extra ones).
Second (in red) for a 'quick' run (killing only the bosses that start on the map and only killing any peons in the way, not hunting them down this is the run presented in the quick battle guide)
Third (in blue) for a 'quick' run (including waiting for the hidden extra bosses to spawn-stats include results from peons killed whilst waiting for spawn.

Run Time. Profic inc. Lvl inc. Total Kills approx. Runs p/h. Profic p/h. XPLevels p/h.

12 mins. 7 profic 15 xplvls 900 kills 5 rph 35 pph 75 xplph

3.5 mins. 5 profic 10 xplvls 500 kills 17 rph 85 pph 170 xplph

8 mins. 7 profic 12 xplvls 700 kills 7.5 rph 56 pph 96 xplph

Based on these stats, the Quick run is by far the best. You can get full proficiency and levels in around 10 runs, 12 at the outside, and that means you would take about 35 minutes,45 at the outside. For 55 characters that is between 30 and 40 hours. Still a lot of work, but consider for a moment that before doing this little study I was considering doing full runs on Samurai 4 which was netting me about the same results as the full run here, but taking about 15-16 minutes. If I were to then have done every character in that way it would have taken about 7, maybe 8 runs, about 2 hours per character. 110 hours completely. So right now I've whittle this down to between 1/4 and 1/3 of that time.

Ok, this is all based on using level 4 weapon with Almighty on it, so obviously, without it times would significantly increase. However, there is a trick to this I found useful. Once I'd gone through every story mode to finish it on Easy, I picked 3 characters I wanted to use to go through every mission on every difficulty and I kep those 3 (I chose Orochi, Mitsuhide and Liu Bei, one of each style, all quick and strong) I ran through Samurai lvl 1 on Chaos with Orochi (I had got Orochi to lvl 99 just by going throught he story mode) as my lead character and got lvl 4 weapons for all three of them, then I proceeded to go through the levels with those 3, using Mitsuhide and Liu Bei on the normal runs to raise their levels (basically took 1 full story mode each on normal) I then went throught he game with those 3 Id improved their weapons to maximum, then started building weapons in earnest so I could learn some Almighty. After finishing the Story modes on all difficulties (a walkover with Orochi at lvl 99 with full weapon and almighty) I went through the dream mode list and made a list of every character that is used in the modes I had unlocked and proceeded to take every single one of them out on runs through Samurai lvl 1 chaos to get their lvl 4 weapons, always using either Orochi, Mitsuhide or Liu Bei so I continued to gain high level weapons with decent skills on tehm so I could continue to craft weapons that could be turned into Almighty. Once I had got everyone I could see the weapons they needed, I had made about 15 almighty's. Not a huge amount, but nothing to sniff at either. Now then what I have also done is as I go trhough each run with a character to gain lvl 99 and 50 profic (needed to unlock last dream modes) I only use 1 character at a time and take 2 of either Orochi, Liu Bei and Mitsuhide along as well. I never use them, only the character Im grinding, but by having them in place they still get some weapons to play around with and make some more almighty's. I know some people have said to me its better to keep the otehr characters you want to grind in your party, but the way I figure it, once you have almighty, going through Chaos mode is pretty easy, yeah it can help to have hi level Ice and flash on the weapon too, but its not essential, and plus, if you go by my stats, the fastest grind is the most productive and you will do around 10 battles and get 3-4 weapons per battle within 35-40 minutes, you should get enough decent skills by then to go with the almighty. Also to note that you would only need the better skills on the weapons for running Chaos mode ont hed ream modes. Again not essential, but here's the thing, once those modes are open, you only really need to use 1 person, not all 3, its just easier to give as many characters as possible almihty to speed up the grind process. Once your hitting the dream modes, use the same character, and if need be do a couple of runs through Samurai 1 on Chaos, 4 weapons, plenty of skils, complete in 2 minutes easily.

Right, so to recap.

Complete all story modes on all difficulties first with the same party of 3, start developing almighty ASAP.
Once done, make a list from Dream mode and go through Samurai lvl 1 on Chaos as often as needed to get everyone you use a level 4 weapon.
Once done, pick 1 character from list, add Almighty to his/her weapons and go through Wu lvl 4 on normal. The other 2 characters must be 2 from the 3 you used to finish every story mode mission on Chaos to build up almighty's (or replace 1 with Sun Wukong).
In Wu 4 battle.
Head only for the bosses, kill peons in your way, but don't hunt them down. Kill Massicot, then head to Lu Bu killing everyone in the way. Don't kill Kiomori yet. Finish everyone boss except Kimori in the area, take Lu Bu's horse (unless you Sun Wukong is part of your team) and head to the east part of the map.
Kill every boss on the east. Do not enter Dragon Shrine. Head back to Kimori, beat him and finish the level. Easily doable in 3-4 minutes, even at low levels.

Hopefully this will be of use to anyone who comes to this game late like I did.

Thanks to Velho Lobodomar for the Sun Wukong tip.


OK, I've tried tidying up my little stats chart, but it always goes back to how you see it here. So I thought I'd add this little explanation incase you weren't sure. on the stats I have put a list of factors I measured, Time Taken, Proficiency Levels gained, XP Levels raised etc, I have also calculated what each result would be across 1 hours worth of playing.
So with regards to reading the chart just check each factor listed across the top and compare. Each number says what it is for (mins/xplevels/profic etc).
Also, just to clear up p/h simply means 'per hour'.

My First Guide!! Way of the Samurai 3
If you have any questions, please pm me on here then send me a message on Live to let me know its here and I'll get to it asap.

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