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Good stuff mate - reference the hidden mision objectives - here's what I found so far. Loads missing so if you find any - great!
Stationed at Pearl:
1. Shoot down at least 30 planes

Defense of the Phillipines:
1. Sink the Enemy Destroyer CONFIRMED
2. Shoot Down 5 Bombers

Running the Palawan passage:
1. Meet with the Aliied submarine within 17 minutes CONFIRMED
2. Destroy All Cargo Ships

Vengeance At Luzon:

Raid on Balikpapan:
1. Finish the mission before reinforcements arrive
2. Both of your destroyers must survive

Holding the Lombok Strait:
1. 50% of your air forces must survive
2. Sink the landing support ship
3. Don't allow any of the bunkers to be captured by the enemy

Rendezvous in the Java Sea:
1. Destroy ALL enemy ships

Strike on Tulagi:
1. Sink the Japanese cargo ships

Battle of the Coral Sea:

Turning Point at Midway:

Endgame at Midway #11:
1. Launch an airstrike on the enemy CV's before our position is reported
2. Destroy the Jap reinforcements

Ship Challenges
Strike on the Monster:
1. Eliminate every Allied Wave

Battle of the Java Sea:

Hunt for the Cruiser:
1. Destroy all enemy ships
2. Destroy all enemy cruisers
3. Destroy all enemy destroyers

Might of Yamato:

Plane Challenges
Shortage of Reinforcements:

Saving Tulagi:

Attack on Force Z:

Submarine Challenges
Crucial Cargo:

Periscopes Threatening:

Coup de Grace:
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