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Part 2 - snuck this in whilst at work, am being hawk eyed so will tidy it up with pictures when I get home

Purple Heart - 20Gp
Simply have the worst kill death ratio. This is easily achieved if you are the yank player. See "Navy Distinguished Service Medal"

Air Unit Service Medal - 20gp

This again can be achieved whilst working towards "Navy Distinguished Service Medal" as the Yank player, due to you being the only person controlling planes.

Sea Unit Service Medal - 20gp
Unloucked as the jap player in "Navy Distinguished Service Medal"

Torpedo Marksmanship - 20gp
"See Air Medal"

Submarine Service Medal - 20gp
see "Air medal"

Distinguished Flying Cross - 50gp
see "Air Medal"

Air Medal - 50Gp
This can be unlocked with distinguished flying cross on the same map as "Navy distinguished service medal" scenario.

The only difference is that you as th jap player choose a single fighter plane. The yank player selects all torpedo bombers and makes sure that in the orders section on each squad they turn free fire to OFF. this makes things so much easier for you. Send them to an open water square and ensure that free fire is turned off for the carriers incase you get too close. Simply take out 3 waves of torpedo bombers with your fighter.

Build 2 Submarines and send them to the carriers, but make sure they are surfaced and that again free fire and also torpedo firing is OFF.

Once the waves of planes are taken out, line both submarines to the first carriers broadside (if the carrier is not moving its easier) and have both subs fire off their 4 torpedoes each, so that eight torpedoes hit the carrier. Repeat with the other carrier.

If any torpedos miss just get the person on the other team to build a destroyer and hit it with torpedos until 15 have hit.


Take one of your subs and take out the ship yards with your single artillery piece, it is time consuming but wastes time so you can get 15 minutes sub usage.

Once the ship yards go, Achievements ahoy.

Medal of honour - 150gp
Once both these scenarios have been completed for both sides the medal of honour will be unlocked.

This just requires you to have unlocked all hit/unit usage and kill medals.



Munkey out

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