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Originally Posted by Spamuelow View Post
I have just spent the last 16 hours trying to get this based on tips and stuff. Had sumin like 5 attempts and its just not worked but i have finally got it now .
I wanna make it clear exactly what i did so no one gets confused and it works first time for anyone else .

Put yukimura in in toyotomi and played as tokugawa as normal.

Invade the 3 flefs to your left and make an alliance with toyotomi from now on. (i say the 3 to your left because you need to be next to toyotomi to trigger the fight)

Dont take any more places than the 4 you shud now have and dont let toyotomi take any either.
also its important toyotomi doesnt invade anything because he might assign yukimura to a different area which is what messed it up for me.

that should be all you need to do just protect both tokugawa and toyotomi and stop him invading then you will be fine. just hope this saves at least one person some time lol
This isn't entirely correct.

*Yukimara Sanada must be be Toyotomi's general.
*You must play as Tokugawa
*You must keep Toyotomi from invading other fiefs
*You must conquer all other fiefs (not sure if ally counts, I got all allies through threaten)
*Must be done by year 1615 (possibly 1614, either way you should have plenty of time)

Just make sure you completely surround Toyotomi and don't let him take over any more fiefs than the 2 he starts out with, it should be very simple

Originally Posted by BumpyJB View Post
Is this game any fun, or is it just something to play to build up your gamertag points.
If you like mindless hack n slash action that is a complete breeze to play (no challenge at all if you're playing on easier difficulties). I personally like the mindlessness of slashing 100s to 1000s of enemy samurai, its kind of relaxing. Its a super easy 1000/1000 in 12-16 hours.

Originally Posted by Ellerkerm36 View Post
Is there a video on how to do this stage to appear on youtube?
What the crap? Completely unneeded. Just follow the guidelines provided in this thread, unless you do not understand English this should be very basic.

I'd rather be skiing.
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