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Originally Posted by Fighterspledge View Post
Did you enjoy this game? I picked it up for 10 bucks and I'm debating if I want to play it or give it away as a birthday present.

Hmmm, did someone go to Best Buy this past weekend? I'm in your same boat, dude. I've actually already opened mine, though, and I've only done some of the tutorial. The controls are definitely a little convoluted, not as horrible as most make them out to be, but more intricate than C&C controls or LOTR BFME as those are the only console RTS games I have played.

I'm a real sucker for large scale battles and I've read there's plenty in this game, without it hurting the frame rate too. I just saw it as a $10 brand new game so I couldn't go wrong, whether I liked it or not. But I'm going to be getting into this game more than likely today and within the next few days. If you wanna wait it out a few more days, I'll give you a little feedback as far as the missions that I play if no one else gives their take on the game.
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