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Originally Posted by KingBroly View Post
Yeah, I'm sure it's a joke, but I'm wondering where all the Game Paks are. I've found 2 so far (I have 3 messages)
These are the positions:
- In Jinjo Village, from the Spiral Mountain tunnel, head right to a ledge and move along it(you'll need Grib Grab, it's in Mayahem Temple) to a cave and enter. There's the first game pak.
- In Spiral Mountain, go to a flypad(there is one on top of Spiral Mountain and one right outside Grunty's Lair) and fly of to the cliff by the top of the smaller waterfall. Enter the cave and swim away to the waterfall that's in there. To the left of the waterfall is a ledge, grab onto it(again, you'll need Grib Grab) and enter the cave behind the waterfall. There's the second game pak.
- In Spiral Mountain, use Grenade Eggs(you'll find these outside Witchy World) and blow up the cage wall blocking the cave over the big stubs. Use a flypad(on top of Spiral Mountain or outside Grunty's Lair) and fly into the cave. There's the last game pak.
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