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Originally Posted by cra View Post
Mission 5:
- Health Piece 1/2: After Kuroh talks about the 3 Blastmites, turn to the right. There are some containers with the health orb.
- Chi Piece 1/2: The first Chi Piece is behind the breakable wall in the big room on your way to the first blastmite during the countdown. If I remember correctly there should be a fire in front of it.
- SM, Chi Piece 2/2 and Outfit(Camouflage): Once you enter the room with leaking steam after fighting the first invisible Blastmite, turn right, grapple to the next platforms and examine the barrels. The Chi Piece is in the 3rd set. Continue past the exit and you will a breakable wall in there another one. In the second room is the Outfit. Exit the to the mainroom again and go to the right, after you jump over the gab are some barrels in front of you. There is the SM.
- Health Piece 2/2: In the first area with burnable plants and the miniblastmites. Go immediately right past the lone fire and smash the barrels.
- Emblem(Stonerender Sword): Before the 2nd Blastmite during the Clock ticking. It is before you grapple over to it in a dark Corner beside the train wreck.
- Outfit(Endless Flowers): Unlocked by beating the mission within 40min. If you know the way and how to fight the Blastmites plus the final Boss it shouldn’t be much of trouble. Don’t care about the small enemies and grapple through the caves without fighting.
I really can't find chi piece number 1, and after I get SM, I can't find the room where outfit is. Can anyone help please?

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