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Arcadia City on Legendary???

ok so I am new so please no comments if this is in the wrong area from everybody.

I have played through the game several time and have only to beat Arcadia City for my Legendary achievement. I have followed the Legendary Sticky guide and still cannot even come close to beating this level. is there any other help or stradegy for this one??? I am using all but the debuff skulls and can get to the start of building my base but by the time I get to the first point of upgrading the base hunters are blowing it up and I get an all out attack that whipes out all my forces and the #2 transport. have tried this several time now and only manage to last about 7 to 8 minutes and I dead!!!! I feel by far this is the worst level to beat and which is why I left it till last to attack. Starting to feel that this one can't be beat!!!!!

any help would be appreciated!!!!

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