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Originally Posted by REAPER 383 View Post
WELL THANKS YOU FOR YOUR 2 CENTS!! I did go through the threads and what I found is that you are the resident Mod-Wantabe that has no life and breakes everybodys b*lls because you think you're special.

but really thanks you were no help at all!! Mr Mod-Wantabe

Yeah, 'cuz I would want to put up with ungrateful little shits like you all the time. I REALLY want to be a mod. Hey guys, apparently helping people by advising they use the search function is akin to being a mod!

Oh, and I did give you a strategy, you little fuck, so don't tell me I wasn't being helpful. Proof is right here, since you obviously missed it before.

Originally Posted by General Khazard View Post
As for a strategy, protect just Cargo 2 and leave Cargo 1 to the Spartans. Go mass marines and use the garrison towers. throughout the map. Get those marine upgrades and a couple turrets up on your base and you're golden. Oh and remember, the healing ring heals the ships.

You also may want to try this in co-op, but if you insist on doing it solo, save often.
Really, it's people like you that make abortion look like a good idea.
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