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Maybe you guys can help me.

I'm having trouble unlocking the Blue Bomber and I have absolutely no idea why. I did indeed fulfill the requirements of defeating a boss without getting hit, but I didn't receive the Achievement.

This has happened to me three times, so far. On my first go today, I beat Galaxy Man at Wily's Castle without getting hit. No Achievement. I figured it probably didn't apply to the castle.

So once I beat the game, I went back and beat Splash Woman, got her Trident and went up against Concrete Man, using the Trident on him and whatever cement blocks he attempted to form. Again, I beat him without getting hit (not even by the cement or him hitting the floor) and no Achievement.

Out of frustration, I tried Galaxy Man again on the save made after completing the game. Had previously beaten Concrete Man, so I took Galaxy Man out without any hassle. Didn't take any damage. STILL NO ACHIEVEMENT!

Any ideas?

Edit: Nevermind. Solved the problem. Had to delete my save data for the game on my 360 and reattempt it. Unlocked it.

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