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Originally Posted by Lord Gothic View Post
Hi i wanted to create this to show which missions you find the gloomex canisters in and how many of them . should save you guys some time so you dont have to check every mission for them

Chapter 1 Part 3 - Finding Zombies
4 gloomex canisters

Chapter 2 Part 1 - The zombie brothers
5 gloomex canisters

Chapter 2 Part 3 - the da zombie code
10 gloomex canisters

Chapter 3 Part 1-4 - how i met your zombie, dirty rotten zombie, my fair zombie & a fish called zombie
You find 1 gloomex canister in each of those 4 parts

Chapter 4 Part 3 - Zombies N the Hood
10 gloomex canisters

Chapter 5 Part 2 - The zombie after tomorrow
11 gloomex canisters

Chapter 5 Part 3 - gone with the zombie
6 gloomex canisters.

So if you find all canisters on those missions you should have 50 canisters and the "New Ooze" achievement

I couldnt find ANY on that level, are you sure its the right one?
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