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"Impossible Difficulty" Made Easy



Okay, those of you expecting a cheat or glitch can just click away now
This is a guide to finishing Brawl for it All on Impossible difficulty and getting that Mad Skillz Yo! achievement everyone covets so badly. A lot of people seem to struggle with this achievement, yet it only requires a slight change of strategy compared to Fierce or Truculent. Anyway, let's get to it.

NOTE: This guide implies a basic level of knowledge about the fighters' attack patterns, since you will have probably finished Brawl for it All at least once or twice before doing this.

General tips for Impossible difficulty:

- The basic command you have to *constantly* repeat is: jab, dodge, hook, breaker, breaker. Never, and I mean NEVER try to get more than one jab in before using a Breaker (Bonebreaker combo'ed with a Haybreaker if possible, solo Haybreaker is also a good strategy sometimes especially if the opponent gets stunned by the first one so you can do another one right after).

- Molotov!!!: guess that kind of says it. His high Bonebreaker is an auto-stun, which is pretty much the key to finishing this easily. Great damage from both jabs and hooks, and especially: devestating damage from his Breakers. He also has a long-range Haybreaker (which the computer AI tends to abuse at every opportunity when you face him in Brawl For it All) which will come in extremely handy, both as part of a Breaker combo or as a single hit to punish the opponent for his imputence.

- Learn how to perfectly time your dodges/parries. If you let go of the button right after you dodged the opponents hit, you're going to hit him. If you hesitate for even a fraction of a second, your hit is going to get dodged and thrown back at you, especially on Impossible.

- Don't even think about trying to get your FaceBreaker bar full here. It's just not going to happen.

- In despite of what the game cover might say, defence is your only option. Don't get cocky and attack your opponent with multiple jabs. Use his/her own strength against him/her, just be patient and you'll vanquish every single one of them in no time.


KEKOA: Pretty easy, just stick to the general tips and you should be fine. If he breaks through your defences, he has a tendency to punch low. When he starts wailing hooks at you, just dodge, use your Breakers and get back to your normal attack pattern.

STEVE: Even easier, just beware of his hooks and press the grab button (B) when he turns invisible, 'cause the last thing you need is a stun.

ICE: Very much like Kekoa, only quite a bit faster. Dodge his low jabs as soon as possible, because you don't want him to use his Bonebreaker on you, as it is a guaranteed stun and might just lead you straight into a flurry of jabs leading up to a FaceBreaker. As you can probably see in the video, he rocked me quite a few times and I was lucky he decided to go for the normal Breakers rather than stun me and go for a FaceBreaker.

SPARROW: Just keep your cool and let her make the mistakes. She will also dodge back and charge a hook, so dodge high or low accordingly for a free stun. Once she's stunned, punish her with a Breaker.

VOODOO: Just beware of his halitosis attack (the special long-distance throw) as you, again, don't want that stun affecting your game that much. Besides that, this guy is really easy.

ROMEO: So, okay, this is one of the rare opponents that actually requires a different strategy. When he has his parry shield up, jab him, hold the RT and punch button right until you notice you're parrying his punch, then let go. This might take a few matches to get the timing right. Once you parry him, go for a Breaker combo (Bonebreaker, Haybreaker). Rinse and repeat. Beware of his jab flurry if he breaks through your defence, he's one of those guys that can charge his FaceBreaker bar in mere seconds as he has the fastest punch speed of everyone in the game, save BFR's 3rd form. As you can probably see in the video guide (pt. 2) I basically lucked out at the point where he hit me with the Skybreaker. If he'd punched me once or twice more, I'd be lying on my ass with a FaceBreaker.

SPIN: Virtually identical to Sparrow, only he will use his Breakers quite a few times. Fret not: he's still fairly easy if you stick to the general tips rigorously, I got him on the first try.

BRICK: The hardest character by a considerable margin, or at least he was for me. He will occasionally switch to low punches after you jab him, so beware if you're playing as Molotov. He will cancel out of his long distance throw if you get close enough to prevent it from happening, so don't think you'll be able to stun him for a few free jabs. Again, just stick to the general tips, but prepare to mix up a few strategies to try and confuse the AI.

== This point is where the game makes a sharp turn AI-wise. Don't worry, I mean that in the best possible way. Well, at least for those trying to get the achievement. Yep, you got it: the game gets ridiculously easy at this point: after beating Brick I mercilessly plowed through every single one of these opponents, I didn't get knocked down even once until I reached BFR's third form ==

: She is the only character that lends herself perfectly to a nice punishing FaceBreaker. She never times her dodge hooks perfectly, so what you want to do is take advantage of that by exchanging jabs, dodges and hooks. After she whiffs her defence hook, land one of your own. Rince and repeat until you get a full FaceBreaker bar and then break her emo face! Took me 17 seconds to do it, first try. Easiest fight in the game by far if you got the perfect timing for dodges and hooks. Great way to combine achievements if you still haven't gotten the perfect win achievement yet. You can also go for the trusty basic jab-dodge-hook-Breaker-Breaker strategy, but if you know how to dodge properly you are *WAY* better off just going for the FaceBreaker. You basically don't want to risk her actually hitting you with one of her not-perfectly-timed high dodge hooks (heck, nobody's perfect, mistakes do happen), because that's a stun on you, which will lead to a fast flurry of high and low jabs, possibly a FaceBreaker, and pain. Lots of pain.

MOLOTOV: Uh-oh, mirror match! But fret not, for Molotov is so easy it's almost embarrassing. Charge your hook while walking (not dashing!) backwards, wait until he whiffs his Haybreaker, land the hook and use the free stun to land your own Haybreaker. Move back, land the hook, ... you know the drill. Don't try and land anything else than a Haybreaker though, this isn't Fierce or Truculent where you can't abuse the absolutely broken qualities of your character of choice ^^ You can also go for a hook, hook, Bonebreaker, Haybreaker combo, but that might create some problems distance-wise. If Molotov isn't stunned, it's easier to estimate how far you have to move away to only just avoid his Haybreaker and still be in range for the free hook stun. The first method is safer, the second is faster. Pick whatever suits you best. If you play your cards right, you can get the no-defence and no-damage achievements in this fight even on Impossible, that's how easy it is if you stick to the routine.

SOCKS: My jaw actually dropped at how easy this guy is if you stick to the general tips. Jab, dodge, hook, Bonebreaker, Haybreaker. Easy peasy. Beware of the stun throw!

TIKI: Same as Socks, nuff said. You can counter his boss throw (the turnbuckle attack) by pressing B at the exact moment where he's about to hit you, but you might just want to prevent him from doing it outright. If he does it, you can also dash backwards to make him whiff the throw. He won't take any damage, but at least you won't risk a stun.

BFR: wh00t, final boss time! Just like the other tips & tricks thread, I'm going to divide him into his three forms.

BFR 1st form (start of fight): very basic. Kinda like Brick, only more predictable. Stick to the tips, beware of his stomp attack. You can probably punish him when he's trying to do it and get a free stun to land another hook/Breaker.

BFR 2nd form (after 1 KO): try and do the same thing, but if he creates some distance, keep it that way. He will fire 2 rockets at a time, so dodge high or low to give him a taste of his own medicine.

BFR 3rd (final) form (after 2 KO's): whoo, okay, this is it, for all the marbles. This time it's not really worth trying to beat him with his own rockets as he'll only fire one at a time, but you can always dodge it if he does choose to fire it. Just try to dodge one of his incredibly quick jabs and get those Breakers in. He's not particularly hard, but his sheer size can be a bit confusing to whether or not he is throwing high punches, as he always appears to be punching downward.

That's it for now guys, good luck
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