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Originally Posted by yuyanami View Post
Starting a Riot 30
Kill 50 enemies total in Co-op Riot Shield.
This is the only single player campaign achievement that cannot be gotten without a 2nd controller/human partner. You have to be the one behind doing the shooting while your partner holds the Riot Shield to get this. I recommend doing it on Mission 2, Afghanistan on Casual difficulty. There's a part in the level where you are in some corridors filled with gas. There's a riot shield right outside the lift you come out from. Have one player pick up the riot shield and one behind doing all the shooting. Take the left path and circle clockwise. You can easily get at least 12 kills before the shield breaks. Once it breaks, restart from checkpoint and you'll be outside the lift again. Do this 4-5 times to get this achievement.

That is not possible, because AI partner will never pick it up, so is this a typing error, or is there a way on how you get your partner to pick it up?
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