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Got my Living Loving Bug online. It's a lot easier because you can get all your units killed. Then you sit back and wait, get to tech level 3 and put all money in techs before wave, undo them after to get your cash back and then get to 3k and hope for the best.

The scarab did not spawn for two hours for me, but that was because I just did not have enough supplies (Usally was around the 2500 range). I'm gonna do some experimenting still to find out if 3500+ will net you a better chance for a Scarab, or if having just over 3000 works better. My guess is the latter, but I think It's still really random though.
I think the extras mean that the scarab is starred when it comes out because my friend got a 2 star scarab at 4k resources and I got a no star scarab at 3k

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