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I can confirm this FINALLY worked for me, thanks

Originally Posted by Ink129 View Post
If anyone has any problem with the blueskins just do the following:

Load the checkpoint named Upper Mines

Find the blueskin who is being interrogated by a guard. Kill the guard, talk with the blueskin, get the keycard for the door behind him and use this door to get to the cargo transports that move up and down.

Take the cargo transport down and DO NOT use the big elevator/cargo lift to reach the lower mines. Find Jagger and do his mission.

Now retrace your steps back to the blueskin's position. DO NOT take the big elevator/cargo lift back up. Use the cargo transports that you used to get down here in the first place.

Soon you should re-enter the door that was behind the blueskin's position, and his blueskin friends should be with him. Teach them not to mess with bald people who wears funny goggles.

One of these should have the second part of the snitch list.
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