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Originally Posted by B1indSide View Post
All you have to do is start off with a slow a steady pace and stay behind her, and right near the end start pounding down on the button to pass her and not give her a chance to get back ahead of you. I use the method like Starmud mentioned "hold the 'thumb' right above the button and like strain the underarm (tense your arm so your hand shakes, weird I know, but it works.) It will start shaking, pressing the button rapidly."

But yes, all you have to do is be patient and go the slow a steady route, and then turn it up at the end to beat her. No other way to win, especially for the second race for the cheat note in the Cloud level, trust me, it's a long race...
^ this.

No need to button mash the whole way guys. You can actually take it pretty easy for like 80% of the race...its weird, if you go kind of fast then slow down she will go flying past...but if you are slowish from the start she never goes as fast. Pretty easy really, wish I knew this ten years ago >_<.
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