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Ive had this game since it came out but just recently decided to start playing it. Use the walkthrough thats posted on Gamewinners. Its the most comprihensive. Im on the last section of Greece and have not missed any Relic or Idol. Ive also found both weapons so far. It shows where the shotgun is as I seen someone mention above that another video didn't. I have also managed not to die yet. Well should I say I havent saved yet when I have died. Just make sure that when you do die you pause and reload your last save because if not and you save you'll have to start the entire level over if your going for the IRON raider achievement. Its also best to save when the Checkpoint pops up. If you die and reload your last save thats where you start at. The reason for this is because if you complete like 90% of a level then you die and your last save was upon the completion of the prior level then you have to start the whole way back over if going for the IRON raider achievement.
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