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This in conjunction with what you've got will about complete the guide:

Raiden Fighters Aces

32 Achievements, 8 of which are Secret Achievements.

  • First Stage (10)
    Finish the first stage of any game. This is as simple as it sounds
  • Completed (RF1) (20)
  • Completed (RF2) (20)
  • Completed (RFJ) (20)
    Clear Normal Mode on each game, any difficulty, credit feeding ok
  • One coin (RF1) (50)
  • One coin (RF2) (50)
  • One coin (RFJ) (50)
    1CC each game's Normal Mode. Clearing via Simulation Level 35 or Simulation Level 50 in RFJ is ok
  • Boss Rush Mode (RF1) (40)
  • Boss Rush Mode (RF2) (40)
  • Boss Rush Mode (RFJ) (40)
    Clear Boss Rush Mode on each game, any difficulty, credit feeding ok
  • Expert Mode (RF1) (40)
  • Expert Mode (RF2) (40)
  • Expert Mode (RFJ) (40)
    Clear Expert Mode on each game, any difficulty, credit feeding ok
  • Score 10,000,000 (30)
  • Score 50,000,000 (40)
  • Score 100,000,000 (50)
    Reach the requisite score. This works best in RFJ. According to Twiddle, the score achievements require reaching the milestone during gameplay, points added from clear bonuses have no effect on unlocking the achievement
  • Friendship (20)
    Plug in a second controller, start a 2P game, and finish a level. Continue as much as you like
  • Miclus Hunter (30)
  • Fairy Guardian (30)
    100 total Micluses revealed, 100 total Fairies collected. Pretty easily achieved after a handful of plays through Raiden Fighters Jet. In Simulation Level 05, hovering over each of the large turrets until they explode reveals a Miclus. In the same level, passing left and right over the crane near the end of the level reveals a handful of faeries
  • Medal Collector (50)
    Learn how to make 100,000 point gold medals. Collect a total of 100 of them, which doesn't take long

    RF1 & RF2: Medals increase in value when you collect one while no others are on the screen. Medals change type depending on whether you have 1, 2, or no slaves. Get the no slave medals up to 90 pts., the 1 slave medals up to 900 pts., the 2 slave medals up to 9000 pts. to make gold medals appear. Get 9 gold medals on screen at one time (hint: Micluses spew exactly 9 medals) and they'll explode and start increasing in value like the starting medals up to 100,000 pts

    RFJ: A floating medal will follow you if you have a slave. Make it run into ground medals and other airborne medals and it will fuse with them to get bigger and become worth more. After collecting 31 other medals it makes a different sound and turns ginormous and purple. Collect it for 2,048,000 points. After this, reveal 9 regular medals either via Miclus or ground targets to cause them to explode and for gold medals to begin appearing instead. These work just like the increasing-value gold medals in RF1 and RF2
  • Allrounder (10)
    The Allrounder achievement requires that you set the games to the final phase for ship unlocks in the options. Play as all of the visible ships in RF1, plus the slave of any ship. Play as all of the visible ships in RF2, the Dark Sword (Highlight the "?" and press Shot + Down-Right simultaneously), the slave of any normal ship, and the slave of the Miclus (Fairy). Play as all of the visible ships in RFJ, the slave of any normal ship, and the slave of the Miclus. This should unlock the achievement, you don't need to play as the slave of every ship
  • Bonus Chain (30)
    Get the bonus chain multiplier up to x9 in RFJ. Easy as pie in Simulation Level 30 in the section before the boss where the small planes flying in from the top give Quickshot bonuses
  • Almost Master (50)
    Scratch bullets to the tune of 10,000,000 points total. Any of the games' expert modes or boss rush modes should provide this in a few runs, just edge up next to the slow moving or vertical streams and watch the points come in
  • Quick and Dead (50)
    Get 10m points worth of QUICKSHOT bonuses. RFJ Simulation Level 30 is a goldmine


  • Final Boss (RF2) (50)
  • Final Boss (RFJ) (50)
    Get to the True Last Bosses of RF2 and RFJ and kill them. Any difficulty, doesn't matter. Don't continue, get 100% shot down on Stage 3 and Stage 6 (the giant boss stages) in RF2, do well enough to get into Real Battle on RFJ
  • Shot Down (0)
    Get blown up 256 times. You get 3 chances per credit to get blown up, make the most of them!
  • Playing 1h. Over (10)
  • Playing 12h. Over (10)
  • Playing 24h. Over (10)
  • Playing 48h. Over (10)
  • Playing 96h. Over (10)
    When the total playtime across the three games adds up to one of these numbers, the achievement unlocks. Simple enough. Yes, unlike Wartech/Senko no Ronde you actually have to play the games

The achievements related to bonuses are cumulative, and carry across playthroughs and between the three games. If you're playing with an eye towards scoring, you'll end up with them sooner or later no matter what.

The various mode clear and 1CC achievements can be done at any difficulty, including the practice difficulty where nothing fires at you. Except the Expert Mode where stuff still fires at you but you can credit feed that to your heart's content. Keep in mind that continuing on the last stage means you start the last stage over from the beginning.

DJ Incompetent wrote: If you turn Final Mission off in the options menu you can continue without restarting the stage.
Also, this could help get those score-based achievements:

Hopefully this helped.

Originally Posted by miiiguel View Post
Idk about you but I will have no hurry to get the 96h cheev, this game will be played for a long time, is a timeless classic. Maybe not to be played everyday but I can picture myself in two years still playing it, every now and then
Agreed. I figure an hour every night or every other night, plus the extended time I'll be playing for the next week or two since I just got the game will add up to 96 hours within a few months.

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