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Bee Pleaser 15
Offer the bees inside of the Pollenator every type of flower.
This must be done in act 2 and there is 4 flowers to put in the Pollenator
1) On the table next to where you start
2) Examine the metal rack outside the window next to the newsagent and then examine the yellow flowers that fall to gain possession
3) Talk to Edwina after this (the woman in the newsagents) and she will ask you 4 questions you must answer
1) anything
2) anything
3) Mild
4) Gentleman
You answer by looking at products in her stand Mild is overhanging in the middle and Gentleman is to the right and again overhanging
4) The giant daisies you pick up at the end of the act.

Yee-Oww! 15
Get stung by three different bees.
1) In the dining room examine the plates on the wall next to the bookcase. (I can confirm being able to do it in Act 1 and Act 3 but if anyone can confirm Act 2 it would be greatly apperciated)
2) Pick up the hive lid in Act 2 you must do this one anyway to progress in the story. The hive lid is located in the basement on top of the hive
3) At the beginning of Act 3 go into the kitchen. I don't think i was stung but the achievement still popped. I think this is because Wallace gets stung while he is in the hallway

No Go Gorgonzola 15
Make it through Act 3 without touching the Gorgonzola.
At the end of Act 3 you must go up to the top of the giant hive in the Cheese Sniffer 3000. Once at the top switch the record over to the lullaby one (which you should have picked up from Wallace's bedroom.) If for some reason you send the mouse off without you in it you have to get the gorgonzola to bring it back thus wrecking your chances for achievement. Just make sure you don't take the gorgonzola from the policeman (you don't need to speak with him at all this act). once the records are switched over the achievement will pop even though it isn't the end of the act.

Thanks to LiquidHotMagma9 for this more detailed description:

1. After the last cutsence with Wallace heading back into the kitchen cause he got stung by a bee. Head through the kitchen door into the hallway and search in Wallace's clothes to find the control for the Sniffer 3000 and a map. Pick both of them up and head upstairs into Wallace's bedroom.

2. Once in Wallace's bedroom you see a bee taking a nap in Wallace's bed. How rude. So head back down stairs and head into the dinning room (where you started at the beginning of the act) and hit the switch next to the door to drop the bee down and into the trash can. Now you can head back upstairs and grab the record of the lullaby in the bedroom next to the window.

3. Now open up the inventory menu and use the map and travel to the town Centre. Once there and after the small cutsence, grab the free sample of Wensleydale thats on the floor and head back to the house.

4. Once at the house go into the basement and use the control on the Sniffer 3000 and select Wensleydale. That triggers a cutsence of the bees attacking the Sniffer 3000 as it come towards you. Once the cutsence is over head back upstairs, through the kitchen door, and through the back door that is next to the refrigerator to go out back.

5. Once you are outside in the back. You send should only select two things the wooden door and the basement door. Use the Wensleydale cheese on the basement door to drop the cheese on top of the bee hive. Now head back into the basement and hope into the Sniffer 3000 by selecting the Sniffer 3000. Now select Wensleydale to get on top of the hive.

6. Once on top of the hive use the lullaby record on the party record. To activate a cutsence of you switching the two records and triggers the No Go Gorgonzola Achievement for 15 G.

Mmm... Cheese 15
Eat this episode's "mystery cheese".
This achievement cannot be missed. In the Act 2 you must go to town once there go to the left and see Mr. Paneer outside his shop next to free samples of cheese. Just eat a piece for the achievement

Memory Lane 15
Find an object from Wallace and Gromit’s first movie.
If you didn't know, Wallace and Gromit's first movie was " A Grand Day Out" in which they fly to the moon in a home made spaceship to find cheese. the hatch for this spaceship (pictured in the achievement picture) is located behind the control console in the corner of the basement, to the left of the bees. Examine it for this Achievement.

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