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Originally Posted by gnarwars View Post
i have all 160 gold bricks...
3 from every lvl
2 from every episode
6 from the extra lvls (including lego cities)
all bounty hunter missions
bought all of them from cantina
and i even built the golden stud fountain

160/160... did not get achievement

is it possible that maybe because my friend (controller 2) purchased some of them from cantina?

reason i think that is maybe because we both played through every lvl but he did not get some of the episode completion achievements?

someone please heeeeelp i've wasted countless hours trying to do these lol
Try playing through another bounty hunter mission (i.e. Jar Jar or Qui-Gon). This is what I had to do to get my 100% achievement to unlock. Good luck to you.
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