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Originally Posted by T0b3 View Post

All Rewards Unlocked 30
Unlock all rewards

Once you've finished all challenges with each character you will only miss 2 more rewards. These last 2 will unlock when you have 500,000 points and 1,000,000 points.

The final reward is at 600,000 not 1mil.

Originally Posted by T0b3 View Post

Marathon 35
Score 1,000,000 points

After you've completed challenge mode you will barely have 500,000 points so this once requires a lot of grinding.

One good method is to create a private player match in CTF mode with no capture limit (Set it to 0). You can do this on your own, no second player is needed. In order to gain the remaining 500,000 points, you will have to capture at least 2500 times.

You should also add to do it on Training Room with a gaurdian using speed inc. reward and also using superspeed on back runs.
Oh to add a more detailed time its about 80-82 flags/10 mins which equals to about 96,000 points/hour.

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