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Aardwolf... yeah I read about this.

My girlfriend and I read up on this subject on Wikipedia when we looked up the enemy names.

It's interesting, but the contest never happened because word leaked out before the company could even set up the contest. Now the quote is said to be removed from the game and replaced with just a set of bones.

I went through this maze and carefully followed the map to the top room and found Hans Grosse waiting. He killed me and my last save was at the beginning of the maze. Urgh

Here you go: (from Wikipedia)
Aborted contest attempts

Level E2M8 features a giant hidden "pushwall" maze consisting of 181 nearly identical 2x2 rooms. Depending on the path taken through the maze, the player is eventually led to treasure, an extra life, or a surprise encounter with Hans Grosse, the head guard of Castle Wolfenstein. One and only one correct path leads to a room containing a sign saying "Call Apogee Say Aardwolf." (In some versions there is also an extra life in this room.) This was to have been part of a contest, where the first person to find the sign and carry out its instructions would have won a prize. While no prize was ever decided, preliminary discussion suggested the prize may be registered copies of all Apogee games for life.

However, because the first level editors and cheat programs for the game were released within days of the full version of
Wolfenstein 3D, many players were able to find the sign with minimal effort. Additionally, a cheat code was soon discovered and published that allowed the player to view all of the in-game sprites, including the "Aardwolf" sign. As a result, the planned contest was abandoned before it was ever officially announced, or the grand prize even settled upon. The maze and the sign were left in the game as Easter eggs; a text file included with the registered version distributed by Apogee explained the story behind the "Aardwolf" sign and asked gamers not to call in and say it (many did anyway). A 1997 commercial re-release by Activision removed the sign and replaced it with graphics depicting a pile of bones.

After completing an episode, the player is given a three-letter code in addition to a total score and time. This was part of a high-score contest that was abandoned for similar reasons to the "Aardwolf" one; the code would have been used to verify that a player got that score legitimately, without use of cheat codes.

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