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if your going to use ssx or yue ying make you MUST have flash because the bow doesnt do amazing power besides i never even used a bow ill tell you what i done

i have zhuge liang lvl 50 with a lvl 90 power weapon with flash, true musou, balance, and berserk = ownage or my other weapon was lvl 96 power weapon with true musou, berserk, concentration, and arrow flight = not bad

im a guy who liked to kill EVERY officer before going for the leader which always took me about 10-20 mins even on easy =/ ( even the peons i like to kill :P)

so on levels where you just need to kill the leader grab zhuge liang run straight for the leader soon as you get to the door if no 1ns there knock it down but if some 1 is hiting you unleash your special and it will rip the door open and soon as you step in it will burn the house down (now if you are level 50 you will have hellfire causing every 1 in the base to get burnt to WAY low health so get musou and run to the leader and rape him with your fan/sword and make sure you make a list of what levels you have done on chaos or ull be confused like i was

A little trick/tip for people who are like me and spend 10-20 mins on levels without being on chaos
just before your about to pick a level it says "Fastest Time - 00:00:00"

if you always spend over 10 mins on easy nd that
rushing the leader on chaos will take you litterly 50 secs - 9 mins top ( well i did)

ON LU Bu's levels where you gotta kill every enemy ( let them battle it out for a bit ) then musou an officer then run away get musou then keep doing it on every officer till they are all gone
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