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Just spent 2 hours on Level 5 (Guide Inside)

Well, I was one of the people stuck on Level 5: Trip. I was stuck after the MG when the gas comes and I have to kill people to my left then run up the path on the right towards the temple. Once there, I attempted to kill everyone (IMPOSSIBLE BTW). I did this for almost 2 hours wondering what the hell I was supposed to do.

So, I looked at a guide on YouTube and found that there was a Checkpoint there, so I just ran for it.

Well, once inside, I didn't die. Everyone was having trouble with the plank part. Here is a guide.

NOTE: When I jumped off the ledge after killing the zombies below me, I grabbed the shotgun and more grenades before heading back inside.

Guide: Once inside the temple, make your way until your comrade is dragged down into the hole. Once this happens, drop down and continue into the open room. Once there, there is a tunnel which turns right and leads to the planks.

- Go into the tunnel, follow it around, and go about halfway down. Once there, you will be confronted with enemies, go for headshots. Now, back up to the corner of the tunnel (where it turns towards the right). Now, just continue moving forward, killing, then moving back to the corner. After a few enemies, jumpers with start sprinting towards you from behind. Take them out. Then more will come from in front of you, take them out. After that just move to the plank door, crouch and go through. Then throw a good grenade and kill them all. Then just walk out and round over.

I wish I knew this before. Wasted all that time....
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