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I have to be honest: I only have 270/1000 on this game, and I got it the summer after I got my system (2007). This is one of the few games that I beat the main storyline and pretty much quit playing. I'm usually an achievement whore, but the loading times for this game were enough to make me never want to play it again. I really want to get more than 300GS on this game, but I can't make myself go back and play it for the simple fact that I know the loading times eat up 75% of the playing time I will end up investing. Plus, if I fail at whatever I am attempting, I have to sit through more loading screens. I have more to do than sit at a game that I'm not even able to play for a good three quarters of the time...
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Hahaa, it's the same thing that happened when I put my dick in my xbox.
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I feel the same way sometimes. I sometimes search the forums for questions that people may have, only to find they are rudely referred to google or how they dare not to search the entire forum before they post the question, because someting similar can be found in the archives of 2007.
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